It's the dilemma of every car owner, wanting to show their car's interior, but concerned about people getting overly curious and "hands on".

For the last few months we have been developing our ShowStopper door props, which offer the perfect solution to this problem, and do so in style. 

Polished aluminium rods, stainless hardware and thick veg tan leather make up this quality British made product. 


A double layer of extra thick veg tan leather, stitched together give a sturdy and stable end to the prop and also ensure paintwork will remain perfect, whilst giving years of service. 

Four different types of end strap are available which cover a multitude of vehicles, VAG, Porsche 911/944, BMW Mini, Classic mini and many more in black leather. 


















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A -Typically found on more modern vehicles including VW Caddy 2k T5/6, BMW Mini, Audi A3/A4 Golf Mk4 onwards. Also fits classic mini.



B - Traditional pin type striker commonly found on 80's VAG vehicles such as mk1/mk2 golf, Audi Quattro etc



C - Teardrop shaped fastener locater tailored specifically to Aircooled VW's.



D - This fastener has a 10mm hole which has a slit in it allowing it to be slipped over an enclosed striker. Heavy duty velcro is sewn into either side to secure the strap in place. This type of fastener can be used  on VW T4, Mk3 Golf, Porsche 911/944, 964, E30/E36 BMW


Props are available in both a 50cm and 90cm length depending on the space you have to show your vehicle. Please view pics below fitted to customers show cars.