• Bespoke Volkswagen Interiors



    Retro Retrims Award winning VW interiors.

  • Classic mini


    Treat your classic to plush Retro Retrims upholstery.

  • VW T5

    VW T5

    Upgrade your VW T5 interior's with Retro Retrims Deluxe A & B Pillar Trims, and more...

  • Car Door Props
  • Auto Upholstery tool must have!

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    All items are made to order, items in stock will be dispatched within 3 working days. 

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Retro Retrims

Show Winning Bespoke Vehicle Upholstery

Retro Retrims have dealt with the enhancement of both air/watercooled Volkswagens, classic mini's and other post war historic motor vehicles since 2007, borne out of a desire to bring fresh styles and design to those looking for something that little more special.